Water System

The Lynnfield Water District (LWD) currently purchases all of its water from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority MWRA.The Quabbin Reservoir (pictured here) is located in the western part of Massachusetts and is the main source of water supply for the MWRA and is daily maintained by them.

The distribution system is made up of cast iron and ductile iron pipe ranging in size from 2″ to 12″ and totaling 29 miles in length. A booster pump station located on Route 1 north bound side is equipped with three pumps; two electric and one gas driven.

There are two water storage facilities within the LWD-both located on top of Bow Ridge off of Route 1. A 565,000 gallon, 60 foot high steel standpipe (tank) built in 1957 and 1,500,000 gallon, 60 foot high steel standpipe (tank) built in 1972.

The District replaced all residential and commercial water meters with new meters; and completed this project in 2013.