January 2023 water bills include charges for properties that typically receive separate backflow/fireline invoices.

Here is some helpful information on how to read and understand the attached statement.

#1.) Mailing Address: Please contact the District to update as necessary.

#2.) Service Address: This is the address where your water meter is located.

#3.) Account Number: Your LWD account number can be used to pay your bill online.

#4.) Outstanding Cross Connection Charges: The description indicates the billing period for any outstanding charge.
“BF” indicates a backflow test followed by the number of tests performed. On this statement, “BF3” would indicate three backflow Test charges.
“FL” indicates a fire line fee.

#5.) Current Cross Connection Charges: The description indicates how many backflow tests were performed during the current testing period. One test is completed per backflow device.

#6.) Current Water Usage Charges: Water used from October 1, 2022 – January 1, 2023.

#7.) Usage: The amount of water used on the meter since the last billing period recorded in cubic feet.

#8.) Amount: The total for each bill.

#9.) Running Total: This is the total balance due on the account. Please refer to your water bill for your discount total and discount date.





For any further questions, please contact the District office at 781-598-4223.