Construction began on the Sylvan Circle area water main project in March. Upon further inspection of pipe conditions in the area, the project was expanded to include the replacement of 600 linear feet of pipe on Fairview Road; expanding the project to $600,000 and replacing approximately 2,500 linear feet of new 8-inch ductile iron water mains on Sylvan Circle, Laural Road and Fairview Road.  Work is still expected to be complete at the onset of summer with final paving in the fall or spring of 2020.

Every effort will be made to ensure that normal domestic water service will be maintained at all times. However, we do anticipate a few temporary disruptions to water service as the old pipes are taken out of service and the new pipes are put into service. Homeowners on Douglas Road and Rossmore Road, may also be affected during this time. The District will make any attempt to notify all parties affected in advance of any disruptions in service.

We realize the inconvenience this project may cause to area residents. We are working closely with all local official and police to minimize disruptions to traffic and water service, and will do our best to see that construction advances smoothly. If you have any questions regarding the work that will be occurring, you may contact James Finegan, Superintendent at 781.598.4223 or