Lynnfield Water District’s mission is to provide clean, hiqh quality water, in a reliable and cost effective manner. To this end, we are constantly improving our water system infrastructure. Below are some recently completed projects, as well as ongoing improvements currently underway.

Improving Energy Efficiency – The District recently received a grant for an energy evaluation of its pumping facilities. We are already seeing significant savings after implementing the energy study’s recommendations. The District has also received a grant to replace its existing pumps with more energy efficient units.

Infrastructure Upgrades – Since water delivery through cement lined water mains results in improved water quality, the replacement of aged, unlined water mains is a priority for the District. Older water mains on Summer Street, Locust Street, Ingalls Terrace and Lynnbrook Road have been replaced in recent years. The District has also invested in an upgrade to the computer system which monitors and controls the water flowing out of our pumping station.

In Progress – In early 2019, water mains to be upgraded include Laurel Road and Sylvan Circle. In addition, repairs will be completed to our two water storage tanks.