The District flushes water mains this fall as an important preventative maintenance activity. Flushing allows the District to remove sediment or other solids that might collect in the water mains. Flushing also helps maintain water quality and fire flows in the distribution system.

Peak flushing hours will be between 8 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday.

Residents may experience rusty water for a short time, but by running the cold water, service lines should clear. Discoloration may stain laundry, especially white materials. Residents are asked to check their water prior to doing laundry, and delay doing laundry until any discoloration of the water clears up. Washing a dark load is recommended first after flushing is completed. If, after flushing, the water pressure or volume seems low, residents should clean faucet screens to remove any silt or sediment that may be obstructing water flows.

The Lynnfield Water District serves the southern one-third of Lynnfield where you see red fire hydrants. If customers have any questions, they may contact the District at (781) 598-4223.